Foton Global Partners Conference wrapped up, Super Trucks debut in Asia Pacific

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On December 16, “Cooperation, Value Sharing”-Foton 2017 Global Partners Conference took place as scheduled at Rama Gardens Hotel Bangkok, brought together more than 180 dealers, service providers and suppliers from 55 countries, to explore deep cooperation and value sharing in the auto industry in the new global context on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Foton.

Foton has gone globalization steadily over the past two decades.

With global innovative thinking, outstanding technical strength and a perfecting product layout, Foton has gradually become a general automaker with a complete range of products such as pickup, SUV, VAN, truck, bus and construction machinery. Technology innovation is the source power of Foton’s development. As a global auto brand, Foton has joined hands with top partners to lead the future of technology development, and shared its global research results and quality product experience with global consumers.

In the context of the rapid development of the global auto industry, Foton steadily advanced its globalization strategy many years ago with a keen sense of market and industrial foresight. Now Foton has R&D branches and business divisions in foreign countries such as Japan, Germany, India and Russia, conducts localized production in over 20 countries, and exports products to over 80 countries and regions. Despite the continuous slowdown of global economic growth, Foton’s exports have grown steadily by 10 percent to 20 percent every year.

“Innovation driven, restructuring and globalization” is Foton’s development objective and idea. An important part is replacing the model of export-oriented trade with the model of localized product operation. Foton will focus on global key regional markets, and establish a series of regional industrial and operation centers. Thailand is going to be the first integrated and systematic regional industrial center of Foton. Foton will conduct fully localized production and management in Thailand, and deliver quality products assembled in Thailand to Asia Pacific countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia, thus making Thailand a “model” of Foton’s localization strategy. The inauguration of Thailand Plant and Asia Pacific Operation Center will be of great significance for Foton to radiate the Southeast Asian market and advance its globalization strategy.

Super Trucks launched in Asia Pacific, innovative technologies meet European standards.
“2016” is a critical year for the technology innovation of Foton. This year Foton upheld the core concept of “European R&D, European Standards”, innovatively redefined “Super Truck”, built a future-oriented environmental intelligent logistics ecosystem through three core technologies (energy conservation and new energy, IOV and intelligent vehicle), and worked out three solutions through modularized platform design, aero dynamic design and lightweight design.

In September, Foton took its Super Trucks to IAA, and established the Foton Super Truck Global Innovation Alliance in association with world top automakers and engine manufacturers like Daimler and Cummins. In November, Foton launched China’s first driverless truck in Shanghai, to create a new future of technology development with its steady technical strength and innovative concept. Foton is willing to share its cutting-edge global automotive technologies with global consumers to build a good transportation life for the future.

Foton appeared at the Foton Global Partners Conference with Super Trucks-super heavy-duty truck Auman EST and Aumark light-duty truck based on a new platform. Foton’s Super Trucks, labeled with environmental protection, high efficiency, energy conservation, safety and intelligence, aims to reduce overall fuel consumption by 30 percent (or be fully electric), reduce carbon emission by 30 percent (or accomplish zero emission) and improve freight efficiency by 70 percent. Super Truck Auman EST which meets Euro VI emission standard has a B10 life of one million kilometers and features a low bed with ground clearance of 1,100 millimeters; Aumark Super Truck is more intelligent, greener and efficient, features modularized platform design, aerodynamic design and lightweight design, and perfectly integrates nine technologies including conventional efficient power, hybrid power, DAS, fleet management and freight matching, to transcend in product performance. In the future, Foton will launch NG and electric vehicles to further implement the concept of “green logistics”.

Having withstood the rigorous tests of German testing authorities (ATP, DEKRA, FEHRENKOTTER), Foton’s Super Trucks perfectly meet European standards. Take Foton’s flagship model Super Truck Auman EST for example, this Super Truck developed, manufactured and validated by Daimler is more reliable with an attendance rate of 25 percent and a B10 life of over one million kilometers.
Several new strategic models of Foton were unveiled at the Foton Global Partners Conference in Thailand. It not only presented a Super Truck feast of global innovative technologies, but also showcased the fruitful results of Foton in strengthening the core of innovation-driven development and advancing the transformation and upgrading of all series. Also, this showed us the technology connotation and strength of Foton as an international auto brand.