About Us

Arabian Automobile Company (AAC) is an authorized dealership of Foton in Qatar; with a business scope of covering the full series of commercial vehicles including light duty truck, van’s, pick-up’s, and buses passenger and commercial vehicles; located at Mawater city. It’s established itself as one the fastest growing company in Qatar over the past years; using modern and realistic approach through invitation technology and quality manufacturing to improve our products and developing our spare parts production. AAC, offers high quality of vehicles, genuine parts, competitive price, and premium services with the ability of customizing the full series of the vehicles based on client’s specification and technical requirements. AAC Serviced governments sectors, biggest private companies in different industries, and retails shops. We constantly train our technical staff at Foton academy to ensure to our client vehicles the best services. With Foton, you can be rest assured that you are in good hands because we deliver only the best to customers.

Foton honors the value of integrity in our business activities. Acting with integrity requires not only that we abide by the law, but also that our activities follow ethical principles and are based on a shared understanding of values. For this purpose, Foton is devoted to build and improve effective structures and systems.

A culture of integrity is based on shared values and a mutual understanding of ethical conduct. Foton initiated Code of Conduct to provide all employees with guidance for responsible conduct in everyday business.

For Foton, behaving with integrity is an essential prerequisite for trusting cooperation. Only in collaboration with our business partners can we preserve our ethical principles and achieve sustainable success. Our business partners are also make their efforts to align with Foton on this.

Arabian Automobiles Company (AAC) is an authorized Foton Passenger and Commercial vehicle Exclusive Dealer in Qatar located in Old Airport, in the heart of Doha where the whole range of cars, Pick up, Buses, Mini Buses, Passenger Van, Cargo Van & SUVs. We serving our valued corporate customers to get the luxury driving experience through an efficient network of sales and after sales facilities as well as a strong team of qualified and skilled professional. Our service center are equipped with state-of-the art servicing and collision-repair equipment. We are providing Foton 3S facilities i.e, Sales, Service and Spares of Foton brand.

A team of dedicated technicians trained at Foton International Company are available to provide after-sales service of international standards, in a mobile service Van will come to your location.

Placing customer satisfaction first, integrating sales with service and spare parts in a single convenient location, we contribute to speedy and efficient service, allowing customers to experience the convenience and pleasure of owning Foton automobile


Our mission is to become the best dealer for commercial vehicles in Qatar ensuring high quality vehicles to all our customers and placing customer satisfaction first, integrating sales with service and spare parts, we contribute to speedy and efficient service, allowing customers to experience the convenience and pleasure of owning Foton.


We ensure all round care for customers to create perfect value experience for its clients and harmony of human, vehicle and nature. We are focused on technological innovation with the Spirit of forging ahead and making breakthroughs. Foton signifies technology, quality, high value and permanence.


With a strong background and rich history, Arabian Automobiles Company is under Qatar Building Company (QBC) and Mustafawi Automobiles who have ensured utmost flexibility in decision-making and growth. Also a deeper culture of teamwork and commitment among their staffs, as well as diligence, transparency, and social stewardship.

With the tremendous Automobile backgrounds they ensure to be appreciative on the larger market picture of both Automobile industry and of the business of the Clients that they are serving.

Sales Division

Arabian Automobile companies (AAC) representatives are fluent in matters of dealing customers and Foton Vehicles, making them valued resources to clients, technically proficient in Commercial Vehicles. Every member of the Sales Department is a seasoned, recognized professional within his or her specialty. The AAC sales team is an extension of customer service and public relations.

After Sales Division

The service arms of Arabian Automobiles has been at the forefront of extending memorable after sales experience and build pleasure of ownership for the Foton range of vehicle. We have fully computerized service center in Industrial area Street Number 38. Service center area is 5000 square meter and we will expand to 20,000 meter square with in short period. We have a team of experienced, well equipped & company trained staff across all functions. All technicians have good experience and skilled professional. Our service center maintains a good inventory of spare parts in our state-of-the-art warehouse to ensure a fast response to our customers.

Foton Quick on Site Service

In addition to our high-quality certificated After Sales Service, we operate a mobile service van with expert technicians and mechanics and we provide service anywhere in Qatar (24×7 road side assist) to all Foton Commercial vehicles

Corporate Profile

Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. (Hereafter referred to as Foton) was founded in August 28, 1996 and is headquartered in Beijing, China.

With fixed assets of over 4.77 billion US dollars and nearly 40,000 employees, Foton is ranked first in the global commercial vehicle industry in terms of production and sales. In 2015, Foton was ranked fourth in China’s auto industry and first in China’s commercial vehicle segment, with a brand value of 13.037 billion US dollars.

At present, with a business scope covering full series of commercial vehicles, including medium and heavy-duty trucks, light-duty trucks, VANs, pickups, and buses, and an accumulative production and sales volume of approximate 8,000,000 vehicles, it’s China’s commercial vehicle manufacturer with most types and largest scale. In addition, Foton established Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. and Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. jointly with Daimler and Cummins respectively, two renowned manufacturers in world’s automotive industry.

Around the globe, Foton has completed the construction of 24 KD plants, possessed R&D branches in Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and other countries and regions, and established Foton Divisions in India and Russia. In terms of the energy-saving and new energy automobile fields, Foton keeps the development of energy-saving and environment-friendly products and has entered the commercialization operation. The energy-saving and new energy vehicles have covered various fields, including trucks, buses, and multi-functional vehicles, and Foton Motor has become the China’s largest manufacturer in terms of production and sales volume of new energy vehicles.

Foton owns 6 major industries including automobile and new energy automobile, engineering machinery, new energy, finance, modern logistics, and information technology service, jointly constitute a golden industry chain with complementary advantages, shared resources, and mutual supports.

Foton will achieve an all-round breakthrough in the passenger vehicle segment in 2016, and launch a series of large SUV, CUV and family MPV models in the future. By 2020, Foton will become a comprehensive international automaker highly integrating trendy technology, humanity and environmental protection, with an annual output and sales volume of 3 million units and sales revenue of 330 billion yuan, thus being ranked among the world’s top 10 automakers and becoming a world’s mainstream auto brand.

Corporate Strategy

Foton’s comprehensive strategy is currently ongoing. The first step is underway, building manufacturing facilities in Russia, India, Brazil Mexico and Indonesia with annual capacity of 100,000 units each will be setup in the near future in order to execute the second step, breaking through into North America, the European Union, Japan and South Korea. Finally, to coordinate its global expansion, in China, Foton will found a global headquarters, global innovation center and a management and operations center.

Foton established Foton Motor Sales (Russia) Co., Ltd in Russia on June 24, 2010.After the completion of Russian factory, Foton’s automobile products will capable of being sold across Europe.

The Foton India business unit was established in India and this business unit, Foton along with Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation of India, entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to build an automotive industrial park in Maharashtra. As the fourth largest commercial vehicle market in the world, Maharashtra, India will become a strategic overseas location for Foton. Maharashtra also marks the first time Foton invests in an overseas factory as an independent investment. The factory in Maharashtra is a critical component necessary for Foton to execute its comprehensive strategy.

Foton has developed its strategy, distribution, product attributes and other core competencies in Brazil. In addition to complete vehicle export to Brazil, since 2012, Foton has progressed on its KD factories for light-duty trucks and pickups, with its KD factory for light-duty trucks operational in December 2015 and its KD factory for pickups operational in 2016.


Foton’s manages human resources through focus on performance and competence. We both respect an individual’s personal capabilities and values and attach the highest importance to our staff’s alignment with the company culture.

Foton has developed a superior recruitment platform which is able to attract elite global talents.

Foton is in the process of creating a post-doctoral research department of our highest-level R&D technicians. In addition, Foton is also setting up a technicians’ accreditation center within the automotive industry.

Send resume to info@arabianautos.qa

Vision Philosophy

Since its foundation, Foton has been targeting for creating the best business value for customers to produce reliable vehicles and sustainable development of society by employing innovative and high quality products and services.

Image of a diamond bas been cited as the logo prototype of Foton Motor, it signifies technology, quality, high value and permanence.

Foton “Brilliant Diamond” is likened to a sparking diamond, which implies Foton’s commitment to technological innovation, human care and the beauty of harmony. It will sustainably create perfect and outstanding eternal values for the welfare of customers, society and humankind.

Foton Cummins

In March 2008, Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (BFCEC) was set up with a joint investment of 2.7 billion RMB and an annual production capacity of 400,000 units.

F series and G series went into mass production in June 2009 and the second quarter of 2014 respectively. With a total investment of over 4.9 billion yuan and an annual output of 520,000 units, the project involves Cummins F 2.8L and 3.8L light-duty, 4.5L medium-duty, G 10.5L and 11.8L heavy-duty diesel engines. Cummins is one of the most advanced diesel engine manufacturing bases in the world.

In June 2009, the production line with yearly production capacity of 400,000 high-end engines was officially put into production in Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (Foton Cummins company with annual production of 400,000 units of high-end engine capacity production line officially put into operation, relying on advanced technology, the future will be built Foton annual output of 100 million units of the world’s largest engine production base in Beijing.)

In June 2010, Foton Cummins Erving VI engine development project officially started, Foton start layout for the global market, reaching Euro VI emission standard power products.

In April 8, 2014, joint research and development by Foton and Cummins, matching Euro VI ISG engine emission standards for heavy truck tractors AUMAN GTL Indiana officially released in the United States.

At present, Foton Cummins is among the most well-known, innovative diesel engine manufacturers in the world. With an annual production capacity of 520,000 units, Cummins F series includes light-duty 2.8L, 3.8L and medium-duty 4.5L engines, while the G series includes heavy-duty 10.5L and 11.8L diesel engines.

Foton Diamler

On July 16, 2010, Foton and Daimler jointly signed the Joint Venture Contract at Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

On February 18, 2012, a ‘Conference on the Establishment of Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd.’ was held in Beijing to celebrate the successful conclusion of negotiations between the two parties. The first meeting of the Board of Directors of the new Joint Venture took place at the same time.

Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. was established with Foton and Daimler each holding a 50% ownership, which manufactures Foton’s Auman series of medium and heavy-duty trucks and Daimler-licensed 490hp Euro V Mercedes-Benz OM457 heavy-duty engines.