Foton H7

Thanks to the high flexibility in terms of the configuration and capacity variants, it can be designed for interurban travel and shuttle transport. The materials, powertrain, processing and production are systematically designed for longevity.



Overall Dimension 7300*2230*3030 (with A/C)
Wheelbase 4000
Curb Weight 6T
GVW 8.5T
Passenger/Seating Capacity 21+1/23+1/25+1/28+1
Body Structure Semi-monocoque



The new Foton H7 combines high functionality with comfort, and sound quality with excellent safety. Much emphasis has been placed not only on its aerodynamic design and outstanding driving characteristics, but also especially on its efficient fuel consumption and the low life-cycle costs.

Bottom Part
Rear Light
Transmission Part

Optimized Interior Pursues Comfort & Convenience

High Functionality Coexists with Economical Efficiency

Excellent Powertrain
With advanced integrated power techniques and mature R&D capability, Foton 7M series bus owns excellent powertrain system, featuring increased motor performance and lower consumption.

  • Cummins Engine
  • Outstanding start performance, especially at the ultralow temperature, -40ºC
  • Lower vibration, lower noise for more comfortable driving, 7% lower than other competing products;
  • Weight only reaches 340kg, 15%-60% lighter than other competing products;
  • ZF Transmission
  • Light-weight, aluminum housing;
  • Low noise emission through optimized helical gears;
  • Maintenance-free synchronizers over full transmission lifetime;
  • Lifetime oil fill available
  • FS Axle
  • Axle housing with special processing, good rigidity and high strength;
  • Final reduction drive with compact structure, high-strength gear with a better lubrication conditio;
  • Low noise and high transmission efficiency, ensuring the vehicle comfort and economy
  • Based on the mature Foton truck chassis techniques, Foton bus has made the chassis refinement for perfectly matching bus structure:
  • Reliability increased by 30% Widening chassis frame, much steadier Safety coefficient is greatly promoted Gain wide acceptance in global markets.

Outstanding Safety just for Definite Reliability

Collision-proofHigh-strength alloy steel is applied with higher yield strength increased by 50% than that of common steel. With fine low temperature weathering resistance and firm structure, it ensures driving safety.
Torsion-proofTruss-type monocoque body structure and closed-loop design, with the torsional strength improved by 50%, provide driver and passengers with more comfortable and safer driving and riding experience.
Corrosion-proofState-of-the-art electrocoating technique greatly improves the anti-corrosion performance and long-lasting beauty of buses.
Fire-proofEngine compartment is equipped with temperature alarm for real-time monitoring and self-extinguishing device to realized real-time monitoring; flame-resistant materials and A-grade flame-resistant materials with better safety performance are used around the heating source.

Pneumatic brake

Short braking distance Quick reaction Great safety performance


Foton owns National standard-level lines of digitization, speed test rig, sideslip test-bed, axle load, ABS test-bed, brake test detection system and others, Securing the certification and accreditation from German TUV Rheinland and CNAS national laboratory.

Foton products go through the rigorous vehicle detection and rollover test over 100 thousand kilometers in the condition of various road types and under the harshest weather conditions such as high temperature, low temperature and low pressure.

Foton is Equipped with professional test benches and diversified test tracks to guarantee the reliability and efficiency of the equipment and systems with which the Foton bus is fitted. With rigid and robust structure, Foton bus withstands side-on and head-on collisions as well as prevents lateral tipping. Before entering into service, they undergo stringent testing and verification.