During medical school, I was often overwhelmed by my perceived lack of knowledge compared to those around me. I did a few days of ER here and there and really enjoyed it and saw that the ER docs were super happy. It's a good conundrum to have. With that said, I wouldn't trade being in EM for anything. Residency Administration. I can't even imagine doing emergency medicine now. In this paper we givea simple genericreduction that, given an algorithmfor the external regret problem, converts it to an efficient online algorithm for the internal regret … Some of the pain medicine stuff is actually getting very surgical (eg. There's a little bad in anything you do. What is super exciting on your first EM rotation quickly becomes routine, algorithmic and/or just tragic after a few months. Stupid people are stupid. It is true you make less per hour work because I end up billing less Critical Care. I submit my residency application in a few months and I keep going back and forth between the two specialities. I get to see and hear the most amazing stories and meet incredible people everyday. Not a resident yet but good point. I regret doing medicine for many reasons, after an interesting conversation yesterday I suspect for many of the same reasons my father does. Even if you turn into a cardiologist from your IM residency if all you really wanted to do was hip replacements back when you were 23 years old it might be tough to accept that. That shit pisses me off. Despite these positive emotions, however, I would be lying if I said that within the gratitude and pride there isn’t a dose of regret. Finally a video my parents can relate to! I suppose that is relative to each person though. The Bad Things. During my work experience, many of the FY1 and 2 doctors said they regretted doing medicine and were advising me not to apply! You need to have EM auditions set up for June-September so you can get you're first SLOE. I don't undervalue that, at all. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the medicalschool community. In reality it's a soul-sucking endeavor that often frustrates both ends. When I'm on a longer string of ED shifts I forget what day and time I'm in at times. In some programs, this generates a culture that is unfriendly to primary care generally and a … I could write about why I did choose internal medicine (i.e., that I could enter the workforce as an internist immediately after residency or do a subspecialty fellowship in cardiology, pulmonary, nephrology, endocrinology, rheumatology, critical care medicine if I wanted to spend more time training and delay earning a full salary), but that’s not nearly as much fun. Quick teaching and their questions keep me on my toes and I love seeing students get excited. Try to do a couple of EM rotations before you decide, even if that means scheduling aways well into fall and dual applying- like I did. It’ll surely help you with your internal medicine rotation! We already know the specific attendings and groan when we see them on, hopefully you specifically haven't gotten flak for it! In EM you see all the good and evil in the world and there's little time to process it. In an online questionnaire of 24,000 doctors representing 25 … Looking for a diagnosis in an undifferentiated patient is really fun (and undervalued by our colleagues upstairs). Which I kind of understand for self preservation purposes...but recently I had an IM guy tell me just how shitty it is. Movement. I'm in an interesting situation because I wanted to do emergency medicine, but instead scrambled into Internal Medicine after the match didn't go my way. Leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more content! For Internal Medicine there's so much flexibility. You make pretty good money in IM too. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Things havn't been great for a generation or two, and are going downhill rapidly. The only thing I miss from IM is the ability to really sit and spend time with people if I want to. Not to discount "life putting us where we need to be" since I actually do believe in an intelligent Creator that can shake shit up when he wants to, but I think that the biggest determiner is attitude. I love critical care to some extent but I couldn't imagine being an er doc. On another note.... you seem really worried about the average pay. Before joining Webcor, Shel spent 21 years as principal of Holtz Communication + Technology. There has been not a single moment in the entirety of my life where I thought about the crap that Emergency Med docs have to deal with and thought, "Yeah, I would let someone pay me to endure that. If you're worried about the money of internal medicine just asked I'd be happy to tell you whatever you want to know. I still think taking care of an undifferentiated, critically ill patient is super interesting, but I have a totally different view about trauma than I did as a third year med student. tl;dr- I think I have the best job in the world. More importantly... never compromise your future happiness for money. Thus, in this post, I’ve included the top six things that I really love about the field. Now let’s get to the tips to honor your internal medicine rotation1. Thank you for watching. Sometimes we have to consult because our attending directly instructed us to (I'm sorry Neurology and Psychiatry). New job next week, all my pants are shat. I'm a PGY-1 in Emergency Medicine. We live comfortably, can go on vacation and out to eat, and just got a dog! Just curious. Feel free to message me if you have specific questions OP. Some of these books are core Internal Medicine textbooks for your library while others are great as a resource while on the go. Having an income. It became way more important to me to make a difference on the prevention end than to be dealing with preventable issues once they became emergencies- there are lots of things that you can temporize in an ED, but almost nothing you can prevent. This is a highly moderated subreddit. At ReddiBestOf, you'll find the best of all worlds. have you done the video interview yet? I don't think people have as many regrets as maybe there might be people who wanted something and couldn't grab it; and it's hard to accept that. At the core, there is no perfect specialty (or job) for any of us and there is no such thing as a truly informed decision since we won't know what it is like once we're in it. I liked my IM rotation a lot, but I felt like the attendings were not all that happy. Can you elaborate on one of your soul startling moments? That extra money won't make you hate your life less when you are working a job you don't want to be working. He earns about $2,000 a month and lives under the constant threat of being targeted by terrorists as an officer of the peace. Get your guide here. Walter Reed doctor ousted after criticizing Trump’s coronavirus parade: "I regret nothing" Dr. James Phillips was removed from the Walter Reed schedule after trashing Trump's hospital joyride I'd quit medicine immediately if I had to work in the ED every single day. SLOEs are standardized letters of eval that is used in EM. It is true in emergency medicine you get paid more per hour seeing patients because you can Bill much more critical care time. I am having an internal conflict right now (no pun intended). After a while it just rolls off you. That pisses me off, too. Please click here https://helpmeotc.com/fattyliver to visit our site. Looking for a diagnosis in an undifferentiated patient is really fun (and undervalued by our colleagues upstairs). Press J to jump to the feed. Laughter. I'm getting more comfortable with this, but it's jarring at first. Firstly and most importantly, you will never make a decent living out of it. It delivers 500 USMLE-style questions and answers that address the clerkship’s core competencies along with detailed explanations of both correct and incorrect answers. Administrators are also having a huge push for door to greet time. The latest version of an annual survey from Medscape/Web M.D., shows dissatisfaction among U.S. doctors rising. Please click here https://helpmeotc.com/nonalcoholicsteatohepatitus to visit our site. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I don't take it personally. Thank you for watching. We have soooooo much more free time than the surgeons, and I get my fair share of procedures in the ED that give me my "hands-on" kick. At this point I'm learning towards doing IM but I … Internal regret compares the loss of an online algorithm to the loss of a modified online algorithm, which consistently replaces one action by another. I hope I get to call you a colleague one day. Of course I have occasional shifts that are tough and demoralizing but I generally love what I do and the versatility of the speciality (patient variety, options to work anywhere, flexible hours/schedule, etc) and good pay are icing on the cake. It is true you make less per hour work because I end up billing less Critical Care. I submit my residency application in a few months. KISSPrep Biochemistry. Dr. Coffey plans to work part time with Mt. Sure, I meet some mean and bitter people, but usually I just give them a sandwich and move onto the next one. Why Internal Medicine is the best specialty – that’s what I’ll be convincing you of today! I'm an EM-4 starting my first grown up job next week. I am just scared that I will pick IM, not go into a subspecialty, and be stuck doing something for $150k-200k less than another specialty I would have also been happy in. You made the best of your situation, grew into it, and excelled. Welcome to /r/MedicalSchool: An international community for medical students. Check out the best of /r/instant_regret today. I went into medical school wanting to be a surgeon, but caught the EM bug pretty early. Our last day of seeing patients in the office will be Thursday, July 30. On the other hand, I absolutely dreaded every single one of my ED shifts and hated every minute of it. Depends on where you live, what hospital you work at, if you do academics, if your practice group is RVU based... lots of factors -- plenty of IM docs make more than EM docs. It was hard to do that on MICU. IM people usually enjoy disease management but hate the social work or poor staff support. Patients. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Inpatient, outpatient, subspecialty, SNF work , Etc. MedicalBooksVN Contact Less than 30% of internal medicine residents choose primary care as a field. For Internal Medicine there's so much flexibility. You can make great money as an internal medicine doctor. Knowing I am more of a routine-oriented person, I have been leaning towards IM, but from what I heard is that IM docs make about $200k-$250, whereas ER docs make about $350k-$400k, hence I really have to stop and think about whether I would be happy being in a more versatile field and not doing my daily routine for more money. There are times when our trauma patients are wheeled out by the surgery team to get an ex-lap or a SDH goes for a crani, and every time, a part of me longs to go with them. Woo, me too! Or, "the patient needs placement, and we don't have a social worker, so can you admit them and figure it out?" Yea, on average EM docs get paid more, but there is so much variability to it. Disposition. I've been bled on, kicked, vomited on, shat upon, and bitten (numerous times). What it comes down to is what specialty do you like enough to put up with its bullshit? Any thoughts, advice, or experiences would be beyond appreciated! Each attending likes things a little different. Sometimes I feel bad about what I'm admitting to the hospitalist, but the patient is slightly too sick or unsafe to go home. That's intellectual right? Out of 147 M. We are part of an excellent tertiary care hospital with over 200 house officers in 20 residency and fellowship programs, including a child psychiatry fellowship solidly integrated into the. I feel like on twitter, Facebook, SDN, IRL nobody is really honest and only tell you about how great their specialty choice is. I would also want to go into cards if I were to pick a specialty, and that is another 3 year residency. Right now I work in an office and find it to be almost soul-crushing. I pack everything up in a little box in the moment and rummage through it while running or at the gym, but honestly some things just startle the soul, and I'm never quite sure what will do it. That's awesome! But as an intern I've found it really forces me to think more thoroughly and consistently. Both are solid and rewarding choices. It sometimes feels that my job is to thwart Darwinism at every turn. Medicine: PreTest Self-Assessment & Review is the perfect way for you to assess your knowledge of medicine/internal medicine for the USMLE Step 2 CK and shelf exams. It is with deep regret and saddened hearts that due to multiple conditions, including COVID 19, Drs Coffey Internal Medicine will close permanently on August 1, 2020. Some days I really feel like the "jack of all trades," physician I used to imagine when I worked in EMS. Also pretty telling on which specialty you'd like better. After almost 3 years of IM I can tell you it's what I was born to do.